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What’s New With It Really Happened!

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Hi Fabulous Subscribers,

We hope you’re all doing super well!

This note is to let you know we’re changing the service we use to automatically e-mail you It Really Happened! blog posts as they’re published.

Google is discontinuing the e-mail subscription component of Feedburner, what we’ve used for years, so we’re switching to (assuming we can get it to work). We’re in the process of getting the new system up and running.

Once the change is in effect, you won’t have to re-subscribe. Other than a different look to the e-mails, the switch shouldn’t affect your subscription. But if you encounter a problem on your end, so we have to eat those words, please let us know. We’ll work to resolve the issue.

As always, we appreciate your interest in our gambling history blog and love to hear from you. We welcome any post ideas, comments, feedback and (gasp!) criticism.

Take care of yourselves,


P.S. If you enjoy reading true crime and/or local history, check out Doresa’s latest book, The Ends, available in print and various e-book formats. (The key events take place in Hirschdale, just outside of Truckee, and Nevada City, both in California, with others happening in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada.)

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