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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

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In the spring, Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, a Las Vegas oddsmaker and bookie, allegedly punched, knocked down and kicked casino magnate, Nathan “Nate” S. Jacobson, in a Caesars Palace hallway in a confrontation over a debt he claimed Jacobson owed him, so alleged Jacobson in his battery lawsuit against Snyder.

A witness told police they saw Snyder hit Jacobson’s jaw with a right hook, felling him. Jacobson had been part owner and president of the hotel-casino in the mid-1960s; Snyder had done public relations for the property then. The disputed debt was for a business deal — perhaps past gambling monies or wages owed.

The week after filing his suit, the 125-pound, 60-year-old Jacobson publicly challenged Snyder, 58, who weighed 185 pounds, to a boxing match, proposing the event’s proceeds go to charity.

Snyder’s response? “I’ll have no comment concerning anything as asinine as him or that.”

Two years later, after Snyder began his stint on the CBS Sunday morning show, The NFL Today, predicting the results of each week’s upcoming football games, a hearing concerning the charges took place in Sin City.

Jacobson, however, at the time lobbying for a new $60 million hotel-casino in Spain, didn’t show. The judge dismissed the misdemeanor charges against Snyder.


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  1. Marti

    The info about Jacobsen’s height and weight surprises me. I always imagined him as 6′ 2″ and 190 pounds! I guess he was more the banty rooster type–small but feisty.

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