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Quick Fact – Reno Casino Re-Opening

February 3, 2017December 13, 2019No comments


The Golden Gulch casino re-debuted on June 27 under new management, that of James H. Lloyd. He’d had the gaming rooms and bar remodeled “with decorations featuring the ornate Victorian motif and stressing the ‘golden gulch’ theme” (Nevada State Journal, June 28, 1947).

That night, all women guests were presented with a corsage of native sagebrush encircled with gold and silver ribbons.

The ad read, “Reno’s newest, brightest spot opens in Friday, June 27 in Nevada’s most colorful old-time hotel . . . the historic Golden! Mining and cattlemen’s headquarters for a half century with restaurant, banquet rooms, casino and bar. Modern comfort . . . 1880 glamour!

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