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Quick Fact – Publisher Unsuitable

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New York publisher, Lyle Stuart, applied to the Nevada Gaming Commission for a gambling license to purchase 1 percent of the Aladdin Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip for $25,000 ($178,000 today).

Regulators, though, denied him one due to his “unsuitable background” because a subsidiary of his company sold books that contained material they believed to be pornographic.

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  1. I can never figure out how these decisions get made. I can see keeping someone out who was convicted of violent crime. Depending on the type of pornography, it could be called a “victimless crime”.Was prostitution legal in Las Vegas then?

  2. admin

    Suzanne, I agree, it’s hard to determine or understand the reasoning behind the gaming regulators’ decisions without being privy to the meetings where they’re discussed. Prostitution wasn’t allowed in Las Vegas or Reno proper at the time (the cities closed it down in 1951, I believe), but it existed and was legal in other counties.

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