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Quick Fact – Curiosity Trumps Motherhood

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Southern Pacific Depot in Reno, Nevada


When a Southern Pacific train stopped in Reno on a Friday in May at about 9:15 p.m., four passengers disembarked to squeeze in, before continuing on, a glance at gambling, which Nevada recently had legalized. The travelers left their luggage onboard. One woman, temporarily forgetting she had one with her, left her baby there, too (Nevada State Journal, May 23, 1931).

Sometime later, the group darted out of a casino with the mother shrieking, “My baby! My baby!” because the train had left!

The four implored two cab drivers to rush them to the next train stop in Sparks, which they did. The casino lookie-loos arrived in time for the mom to reunite with her little one and all to retrieve their bags.

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