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A Bold Gamble at Lake Tahoe

Turbulent and troubled describe the origins of the Nevada hotel-casino that today operates as the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe.

Built on a whim in a sparsely populated town, the property evolved through various iterations and owners, including Kings Castle, headed by the colorful gambler, Nathan Jacobson.

The lure of success and casino profits drove the proprietors to do anything to make the property thrive. This was despite great odds, such as financing woes, local opposition, legal entanglements and mob interest.

The true story, unearthed from interviews, newspaper articles, and gaming, court, real estate and other records, is yet another chip in the stack that is Nevada's compelling gambling history.

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The Truth Lies Within

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1925 As of 1915, Nevada gambling law only allowed slot machines that discharged tokens, or bingles, exchangeable for on-site merchandise; those that paid out in money or bingles redeemable for currency were forbidden. “The fact remains, however, that the illegal money ...


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