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A Bold Gamble is another chip in the stack of Nevada’s compelling gambling History.

A Bold Gamble at Lake Tahoe: Crime and Corruption in a Casino’s Evolution chronicles the rocky, 15-year development – from idea to stability – of the Nevada hotel-casino that today operates as the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa and Casino.

The entity evolved during the era (1960 to 1975) when mobsters financed and ruled many gambling clubs, racketeering abounded, and regulators struggled to clean up the industry while, simultaneously allowing it to flourish.

In spotlighting the casino business, which is like no other, this true story boasts conflict galore – misdemeanor and felony crimes (from wiretapping to kidnapping), contentious lawsuits, community protests, casino cheating incidents, a well-publicized criminal trial of a proprietor and more.


  1. Eric Foemmel

    I absolutely love what you have put together. Hearing it on 107.1 in Vegas is fantastic, too!

  2. admin

    Thanks so much, Eric. That’s so kind. Glad you’re enjoying it.